What is an orgasm and how do I have one?

What is an orgasm and how do i have one?

Have I experienced an orgasm before? If you’re asking this question, more likely than not you’ve not experienced the pleasure of one. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! About 10-15% of women never ever have an orgasm in their lives and at least 50% of women are not satisfied with how often they have an orgasm while our male counterparts comes at least 80% of the time. It’s time for us to close this orgasm gap!

So what exactly is an orgasm?

An orgasm is the feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. It is also known as cumming and yes, it is just like fireworks lighting up your night sky, full of explosive goodness! Do you know, there’s actually many types of orgasms that you can enjoy? With a little trial and error, we’re confident that you will be able to have as much fun and pleasures as we have. Today, we’ll share two of the most common orgasms: Clitoral and Vaginal.   

Clitoral orgasm

As described in Where are your sex parts, the clitoris aka clit can be found at the top of your vulva where the inner lips meet. Stimulating this sensual area is one of the most common ways females achieve orgasm.

Now, everyone gets stimulated differently, so don’t panic if you’re not able to experience the pleasure of ‘fireworks’ for the first time. Be patient, go at your own pace and find your favourite method. Here are some techniques for you to start with:

“Circle of Life”: With your two fingers or your partner’s tongue, gently rub the clitoris in a circular motion. Expand your circular motion beyond the clit if you’re getting too sensitive!

“Rub Away”: Similarly, with your two fingers or your partner’s tongue, rub back and forth on the clitoris, adjust as you find the spots that pleases you the most!

“Pillow Party”: Hands-free, clothes on, squeeze a pillow between your legs and move your hips in a grinding position. Just don’t use your favourite pillow please.

“Good Vibes”: One of the best ways to discover your orgasms is with pleasure toys as these toys provide you with multiple modes for pleasures that will light up your night (or day). At Genvie, we recommend you to try out The Pebble or The Koi for the best clitoral orgasms. 😊

Vaginal orgasm

Commonly mistaken as ‘the’ orgasm and an easy one, the vaginal orgasm is often quite challenging for ladies to reach. In fact, surveys have confirmed a higher percentage of men reach orgasm over females through intercourse. As you might know, the G-spot is crucial to achieving vaginal orgasm. So lets learn of some techniques to get your G-spot game on! 

Using your fingers: After lubricating your 1-2 fingers, insert them into your vagina. As your fingers go deep in, curl them up towards your belly and mimic a ‘come here’ motion with those fingers. Move around within your vagina as you explore, focusing on a spot once you feel a nice sensation. 

Using pleasure toys: Similar to using your fingers, insert a long pleasure toy (usually a dildo) into your vagina. Focus on stroking the roof of the vagina as you move the toy in and out of your body. Experiment with different modes and speeds to get the best pleasure sensation! The Bamboo is the perfect toy for a G-Spot orgasm. With a flexible arc and 10 pleasure variations, enjoy nights of endless pleasures.

As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that all of us experience sex and orgasm differently. While these are some tips and techniques to guide you on your pleasure journey, free yourself from any expectations and explore how true pleasure feels to you. In other words, good vibes only. So head on to our products page to start your true pleasures journey now.:)