Sex toys through the lens of Singaporeans

pleasure toys through the lens of singaporean

Sex and anything synonymous with it can be commonly misconstrued to be a taboo topic in the conservative society of Singapore. Is this really true? Or is it simply an assumption that we make skewed by the cultural norms that have been imparted by our educational system.

These days, there are more people, especially the youth, who are opening up to discussing the topic of sex. In fact, in our survey conducted earlier this year,

a whooping 69% of respondents claimed to have openly discussed their sexual life, self-pleasures or sexual fantasies with friends.

Perhaps, we are already welcoming a new wave of change in our Singapore society. And on this notion, we want to also share what we have heard from our fellow Singaporeans and debunk three of the most common misconceptions on sex toys.

1. Sex toys should only be used by single woman and not when you are in a relationship

Sex toys are for everyone, not just single women who do not have a partner to satisfy their sexual needs. Ironically, according to a report from Chicago’s Berman Centre, most sex toy users tend to be in a relationship. So for those of you in a relationship out there, why should you feel any speck of unfaithfulness when using a sex toy? In fact, sex toys can potentially even improve your sexual life in your relationship.

2. If a woman needs a sex toy to have an orgasm, something must be “wrong” with her/her partner

Let’s face it, we will not always end up in orgasm lalaland every single time we have sex with our partner. Not having an orgasm is completely okay, and so is faking an orgasm. This is a very common struggle among women, as discussed in our prior article on what is an orgasm and how do I have one? Also, there is nothing “wrong” with you if you are unable to make your partner climax. But does that mean that you should stop there and accept status quo? Just as Tiger Woods once said:

“no matter how good you get you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part” .

There is no end to learning about yours and/or your partner’s body. So explore the use of sex toys, and you might potentially unlock heightened levels of sexual pleasures.

3. Sex toys replace the need for a man/partner

Uh uh, no way! Sex toys are purely a tool for one to attain pleasures in a different route, no doubt sometimes in a quicker manner ;) But it will never replicate the tingling sensations you get from the soft gentle kisses on your neck, the warm breaths behind your ears or the fingers trailing down your spine. Such intimacy in a relationship can never be replaced. Essentially what sex toys are, is a tool to compliment your partners’ toolbox while supplying that additional punch and intensity that one might crave for.

Ultimately, sex toys can help unleash your sexual potential and build stronger connection with your partner. Hence it is important to have such conversations and bust these myths down. So, let’s welcome this new wave of change in our Singapore society and join us on our mission towards liberating true sexual satisfaction and enabling a journey of happiness guided by true pleasures.