True vs Normal Pleasures

True vs Normal Pleasures

What is pleasure to you? 

Is it enjoying a luscious scoop of Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream? Buying the luxury bag that is oh so trendy now? Or is it kissing your bae? Which of these evoke pleasure in you? And is there such a thing as true pleasures?

Pleasure is an energising force that stimulates our body and mind, giving us joy and happiness in our lives. But what exactly is this mystical true pleasure we are talking about? 

At Genvie, we believe that true pleasures are pure indulgence that makes you feel alive in this complex world:

The pure satisfaction when you savour the delicious salted egg soaked fries

The times when you hear the right song at the right moment 

The warm tingling feeling when you lie beside your dearest partner embracing him/her

However, true pleasures are hard to come by these days as the pressures of society constantly alter the definition of pleasures. With pressures of gaining approval from your friends and society, pleasures today often come in the form of materialistic and superficial cravings: Going to the café that blew up on Instagram, buying the bag that every woman wants and staying in that W hotel suite that gets all your friends jealous. It is sad how pleasures these days are often muddled with our constant need to impress and our desire for material wants.

Don’t get us wrong…

We’re not here to be a judge of what you enjoy or gain pleasure from. 

We’re not here to stop you from buying that Chanel 2.55 bag that you’ve always wanted :)

We just believe that all of us should be free from all inhibitions and whispers of society, experiencing true pleasures that are so immensely intense, full of energy and joy and that are true to you and you only. 

In other words, good vibes only