Where are your sex parts?


Know your pleasure spots!

While I’m sure all of us can vaguely remember the awkward sex education classes back in school, you might find it surprising to know that many of us don’t really know the parts of our female reproductive organ! A few years ago, Vice Media shared how way too many women do not know their sexual parts and this is a cause for concern as it puts their bodies at greater health risk. So let's spend a bit of time to learn about these parts and understand the different types of pleasures they can bring. 😊

For ease of visualisation, our female reproductive organ consists of external parts and internal ones. These different parts have different level of sensitiveness and provide you varying types of pleasures. We will start off with the external parts.

External - Most commonly known as vulva

The vulva contains three key parts, your labia, clitoris, and vagina. While the vagina is the most commonly used term when describing our sexual organ, it’s opening is in fact just one part of the vulva. Now, no two vulva are the same, just like how none of us have the same personality.

Know your vulva - Hedonist
Image Credit: Hedonist 

Clitoris aka the clit

The tip of the clit is located at the top of your vulva where the inner lips meet. They come in different sizes. An interesting fact about our clit is that it is only the surface of the iceberg. It actually extends inside our body, towards our vagina. When stimulated and excited, the clit swells. With more than 8,000 nerve endings, the clit is one of the common places that leads to orgasm.


The labia is made up of folds of skin around your vagina with outer and inner lips and they come in various shapes, sizes and colour. So remember, it’s uniquely yours. The labia begins at your clitoris and ends under the opening of your vagina. Fun fact, one lip is often longer than the other. With many nerve endings under these folds, the labia is sensitive and foreplay could lead to them swelling.

Internal - Most commonly known as vagina

The internal parts of your female reproductive organ is made up of many components. Here, we will just focus on the pleasure spots.


The vagina is the tube connecting our vulva with our cervix and uterus. We all know that this is where our menstrual blood gets discharged from. Beyond that, this is also the part that you have sexual intercourse. Besides penises, other common things that people put into their vagina to pleasure themselves are their fingers and sex toys. Now, important to note that when stimulated, our vagina becomes deeper, allowing for deeper penetration. 


The G-spot is located just a few inches inside our vagina, at the roof or underside. It's actual location varies from one to another. This is the other part of our female organ that leads to orgasm. These orgasms bring pleasure to a next level with its resonating pulses felt through your vaginal walls. Many times, these orgasms are elusive to us and masturbation with a sex toy can help you discover an orgasm that might be your true pleasure.


Now that you understand your sex parts better, check out our other read on the different types of orgasms and how you can have one. 😊