Top 3 Fantasies of Singaporean Women


In the last article, Demystifying Sexual Fantasies, we explored the notion of sexual fantasies and discussed how it’s normal to have fantasies. And you must be wondering, in our conservative society, do Singaporean women have sexual fantasies? Today, we’re going to debunk the myth and share with you the top 3 fantasies Singaporean women have for your inspiration. (You’re welcome!)


Bondage… Discipline…Domination…Submission…Sadism…Masochism… If you’ve read or watched Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ve probably heard of BDSM. An acronym of the above, BDSM referring to sexual acts that typically involves one partner taking on a dominant role during sex, while the other partner is more submissive. With the help of cuffs(not the real ones), whips, sex toys, or even simple blindfolds made out of ties or clothing items, sexual partners realise their darkest imaginations and unleash deep inner desires. While non-believers might find BDSM disgusting and revolting, research has shown that couples that practice it has shown increased levels of closeness between partners, higher levels of conscientiousness towards others and even heal traumas. So trust your partner and let both your imaginations and fantasy run wild with some blindfolds and a sex toy or two!


While oral sex may seem like a normal act for some, it might not be as common as you think and that is why this intimate yet steamy intercourse sits up high in the list of top sexual fantasies for Singaporean women. Commonly featured in pornography, the image of a partner blowing tender kisses and engaging in some tongue action on their private areas brings about excitement and elevates arousal to the next level. For those who have always embraced this fantasy but squirm at this thought of having your partner get down on your dirty privates, ease yourselves into this by taking a nice steamy shower together with your favourite aromatic body wash, so that both of you smell of fresh fragrance while engaging in some mouth action. If both of you are feeling way kinky, incorporate some delicious food items (chocolates, fruits, whipped cream, you name it) and enjoy the meal (literally and figuratively!)


That fear and adrenaline rush of getting spotted by someone while making out in public tests the limits of what’s forbidden and what’s not and this is the last but definitely not the least of sexual fantasies on this list. Jessica O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast mentioned to Elite Daily that “Sex has been so strongly relegated to the private sphere, so bringing it into the public (with consent) can be empowering, freeing, and exciting.” Before you rush to find a public spot to realise this fantasy with your partner, remember, having sex in public is illegal in Singapore and puts you at risk of breaking the laws. So for now, let’s just keep this sexual fantasy alive in our imagination. ;)

That sums up the top 3 sexual fantasies of Singapore women. Now start your journey of sexual fantasies and we wish you luck in discovering your true pleasures!