7 Commonly Asked Questions About Orgasms

7 commonly asked questions about orgasm

Every year, the world celebrates international masturbation month in the month of May. As we come to the end of this year’s Masturbation May, have you masturbated? Have you had an orgasm? To commemorate this special occasion, Good Vibes will be answering 7 most commonly asked questions about the elusive big ‘O’ (Orgasms of course!).


1. I’m new to masturbation, how do I know I had an orgasm?
If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone! The concept of female orgasm has puzzled scientists for a long time. Only recently, scientists have realised that female orgasm is actually a coincidental leftover of human evolution (just like our appendix!). Rather than discussing the origins of orgasms, we want to provide some tips on how you can identify an orgasm. 

Orgasms for females are very individual and can defer from one woman to another. The most common description of an orgasm is the experience of having fireworks exploding from within. It is the rush that one gets, the immediate release of dopamine (the chemical responsible for good vibes).  This pleasure feeling is similar to the moment when you finally get to drink your favourite bubble tea after last year’s Circuit Breaker, only just a thousand times better!

2. Should i be worried if i’ve not experienced what you’ve just mentioned about orgasms?
Absolutely not! Did you know that studies across the world have consistently shown that around ~75% of women do not experience orgasm during intercourse and that 10-15% of women have never had an orgasm till the day they leave this world? Now, this is the reason Good Vibes exists and we hope to bring true pleasures to women through our collection of sex toys. So fret not!

3. Are there different types of orgasm?
This is a topic that has been long debated too! Some studies has shown that there are 11 types of orgasms, while others have even mentioned up to 24 types of orgasms! While we leave you to research more about this dizzy array of orgasm types, you can start by heading over to our previous article to learn more about the 2 most common orgasms: Vaginal and clitoral orgasm. (Psst. We’ve also included tips on how you can reach your orgasm there!)

4. How can I achieve an orgasm?
The fastest way to reach orgasm is to experiment and be comfortable with your own body. As mentioned, orgasms are extremely personal. This means that erogenous zones or techniques to get you going will be personal to you. Whether it is stimulating your sensitive clitoris or using a shower head, find what suits you and be open to experiment! Here’s an extensive list of positions, techniques and tips that will help you get on this journey.

5. How long does it typically take to reach orgasm?
The truth is, some women reach orgasm fast while others need a little more effort. The duration varies even more so with different techniques, positions and the involvement of sex toys. As you explore yourself, if you feel that it’s taking too longgg and you’re not getting more stimulated, your technique might not be working for you. In these cases, you might want to give sex toys a try. These pleasure treasures are designed specifically to help women achieve orgasms and pleasure themselves, and this might well be your gateway to experiencing fireworks! Head over to our simple guide on how to choose a sex toy suitable for you.

6. Are there benefits of an orgasm?
While there has not been any proven health benefits, it has been acknowledged that pleasure derived from orgasm are benefits of its own and orgasms help individuals to have better moods, relieve stress and even foster better relationships. In fact, orgasms have also been known to help with relieving menstrual cramps when it’s the time of the month. Try it to believe it!

7. Is it possible to achieve multiple orgasms?
Having multiple orgasms is not a myth, it is 100% achievable. These multiple orgasms happen when you get in the mood for some true pleasures, use the right techniques and tools and with experience, you will definitely be able to get it going on and on!!!

We hope that you have had as much fun reading this article as we had writing it! As we come towards the end of Masturbation May, we urge you to start your orgasm journey if you haven’t and continue to seek true pleasures if you have! The good vibes team started off this journey to liberate true sexual satisfaction amongst women and we hope that this little article can help close the pleasure gap in our society and allow you to embark on a journey of happiness guided by discovering your true pleasures.😉

Happy Masturbation May!