Playful Positions With Sex Toys (LGBTQ Edition)

LGBTQ Toys.jpg

Every June, the LGBTQ community gathers together in Singapore to celebrate Global Pride Month. With a slew of activities happening this month from the now globally renowned Pink Dot SG event to the latest Pink Fest (more on these later), Singaporeans come together united to bring our LGBTQ community closer to our hearts.

As a light hearted tribute to the LGBTQ community, we want to share with you 5 playful positions with sex toys LGBTQ Edition that will guarantee you and your partner a pleasurable time!😉

LGBTQ Playful Positions.png

The Deep Explorer
How deep is your love? With some curiosity and some leg lifting action, insert The Bamboo or any of your favourite dildo deep into your partner’s body(yes, anal works too!). The deep penetrations and continuous backwards and forwards motion will unleash deep orgasms from within your partner’s body. If you need more excitement, throw in some tongue action to bring it to the next level!
Who is this suitable for: MM, FF, MF, Trans

The Intimate Rider

Going intimate, doesn't mean going boring! For an intimate yet immensely pleasurable experience, have your partner straddle you, positioning his/ her privates above yours while you use a vibrator or The Koi to stimulate his/ her nipples. As both of you get into the groove, allow your partner to start riding slowly, rubbing on your private areas intimately as both of you gently but gradually reach the climax together.
Who is this suitable for: MM, FF, MF, Trans

The Thermometer
Are the temperatures rising in your room? Fish out The Koi and hold it just like you would with a forehead thermometer (I’m sure we’re all familiar with this now🙄). Pressing The Koi on the lips of your partner’s clitoris, steadily increasing the suction speeds. This is one position that guarantees to bring your partners to her knees weakened with joy in no time!
Who is this suitable for: FF, MF, Trans

The Over & Under & Inner
Nothing beats the excitement of some tongue action! Stacked both stack over and under each other, enjoy the sensual and highly stimulating sensation together as you and your partner exchange some tongue action. Bring on the inner action as you sneakily insert The Bamboo deep into your partner's body while both of you continue to engage in oral pleasures. Take turns to be over and under and always never forget to share the inner pleasure moments too!
Who is this suitable for: MM, FF, MF, Trans

The Double Down
We've saved our favourite for the last. Wanting to experience intense vibrations with your partner at the same time? Whip out The Pebble and sandwich it nicely between you and your partner as both of you circulate thru the different vibration modes and pulses. Never forget to engage in some juicy tongue actions as you both vibrate your way to joy.
Who is this suitable for: FF

Now as we enjoy these playful positions, we would like to remind each and everyone of us that the journey for the LGBTQ community towards openness and acceptance has not been an easy one.

At Good Vibes, we believe that every single one of us is equal and should be free to experience true pleasures regardless of one's sexual orientation. We would be honoured if you could join us and the LGBTQ community on this journey for freedom to love.

Head over to these local movements to lend your support to the community today!

Pink Dot - Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Pink Dot will be hosting it’s annual gathering virtually on the 12th June 2021, 8pm.
Pink Fest - Pink Fest is a homegrown festival that brings together a series of events that aims at bringing some fun, laughter and lots of rainbows into your Pride Month calendar. Join one of their events today.