Secret ‘Pleasure Spots’ Exposed!

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Just like how appetisers whet our appetite before mains, foreplay helps get you and your partner into the mood and more often than not, intimate foreplay makes the main course (sex) even juicier and tastier! So here are some tips and secrets to the ‘pleasure spots’ of your partner’s bodies!

What are these ‘pleasure spots’?

These pleasure areas of our body aka Erogenous Zones are parts of the human bodies that are especially sensitive to the touch. With higher concentrations of nerve endings, these spots tickles for many of us but also brings a rush of pleasure when stimulated tenderly. Some of the most common zones that gets us all tingling with pleasure are our ears, mouth, neck, armpits, back, inner thighs, soles of our feet and of course our genital areas. In this article, we’re going to share some secrets on how to stimulate the top most common 5 erogenous zones!

Tips on how you can stimulate these areas

The Nape (back of the neck)

Located just below the back of our hairline, this part of our neck is extremely sensitive and “almost always a turn on”, says sex educator Kate McCombs. Being close to the head, start by caressing your partner’s nape with your fingers as both of you exchange kisses. Gradually glide your tongue and lips towards the back of his/ her neck to send shivers down your partner’s body!

The Armpits

Armpits is a very sensitive area of the body and can be ticklish for many due to the numerous nerve endings here. However for the same reason, armpits are amazing erogenous zones once you and your partner get comfortable with each other. Apply a light touch along your partner’s armpits, with your fingers or even your tongue and watch as his/her breath deepens with pleasures.

The Nipples

Probably the most commonly known ‘hotspot’ for most of us, our sensitive nipples are closely tied to sensations in the genitals. If you’ve not given this a go, experiment with your partner by licking or caressing his/her nipples with your fingers. As sensitivity of nipples vary widely, elevate the experience by interchanging kisses and licks with gentle bites.

The Inner Thighs

Inner thighs are very sensitive and oh-so-close to the ultimate erogenous zone (the sex organ) that even a slightest touch can send tingles. As you exchange kisses with your partner or engage in some oral bliss, run your fingers down the front of his/her inner thighs, slowly moving your way inwards and upwards. When both of you are ready for more, throw in some wet kisses and tongue action for heightened pleasures!

The Perineum (part between the anus and the sex organ)

Beware, we’ve left the best kept secret last and are now diving deep into adventurous territory. The perineum is the strip of skin between the anus and the genital. This area contains the pudendal nerve which carries sensations all around your genital. So, the next time you and your partner are enjoying some oral sex, sneak down lower and lick gently around this area.
P.S. Please always practice personal hygiene and take a shower first! You wouldn’t want funky aromas or weird tastes!

How to get started

Just like the first time you and your partner engage in sexual intercourse, exploring erogenous zones might be daunting. Take it slow and start experimenting with your partner. Eventually introduce a sex toy or two and we guarantee an elevated experience! With as many as 31 erogenous zones featured by the experts at healthline, options are aplenty, so start discovering both your ‘hotspots’ one by one today!