Benefits to Orgasm


In the month of July, we celebrated Orgasm month and shared We have shared about the elusive big “O”, the different types of orgasm and how to achieve it. However, apart from the fireworks moment you get during orgasm, there are other benefits when having regular orgasms. Here are our top 5 reasons to start having more orgasms. 

1) Chase away those stress 

Ever had a very stressful day and needed to destress. Masturbation and having an orgasm is a great way to calm your mind and body. Oragsms release oxytocin into your blood stream which then relieves stress, tension and anxiety disorders. In a survey done by Planned Parenthood, 39 percent of women they survey reported that they masturbate to relax. 

2) Better relationship with your partner.

Sex and orgasm builds the itimacy with you and your partner. Having a regular and rewarding sex life is a great way to add some fire and spark into your relationship. Think of sex and orgasms as lubricants to your relationship. It will aid a smoother journey. A good relationship with your partner helps improve your well being in many other aspects. 

3) Orgasms help you sleep better

Always wondered why your partner is able to go to sleep soundly after a sex? The scientific reason behind that is that orgasms and sex releases dopamine, prolactin and oxyoticn that helps promote rest and peacefulness. Now you understand why people naturally drift off to dream land after sex. 

4)Orgasms boost estrogen and collagen, and give you a more youthful appearance.

Heard of something called the post-sex glow? There is some truth to this statement. When you engage in sex or masturbation, your heart beats faster and thus improving blood flood through your body and towards your face. When these blood vessels dilate, you will have a rosy flush look. Increased levels of oxygen also stimulates collagen which will help you say goodbye to those wrinkles. Estrogen released during oragsms is another factor to prevent aging.

5)Orgasms make you feel happier.

This sounds like a duh but there are scientific reasons behind this statement. Oxytocin, often known as the happy hormone, is released during orgasms. That is another reason why we desire for more sex and orgasms. 

So there you go, 5 great benefits to more sex and orgasms. Happy Orgasm month and continue to spread good vibes wherever you go!