Lube 101: Your Guide To Lubrication & Bettering Your Sex Life

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that people don’t really talk about lube enough. Sure, it’s now widely available in many supermarkets, convenience stores, and other health and wellness shops. However, not many people really understand how and when to use it, or why they should use it in the first place! It’s not something that we always talk about, but it’s time we did. 

To help you demystify the subject of lube, here’s our guide to lubrication and how it can do wonders for your sex life!

First of all, what exactly is lube?


Lube, short for lubricant, is a liquid or gel that helps you avoid any unwanted friction in sex. You can use it for vaginal and anal intercourse, as well as masturbation. Some lubes are even safe to use with condoms and on your toys

There are plenty of lube choices out there in the market which can get overwhelming for someone starting out. So we've narrowed it down to four types of lube in this article to help you figure out which is more suited for whatever cheeky fun you have in mind! 

1. Water-based lube

water-based lubes from system jo

Water-based lubes are the most common type in the market. That’s because they have a versatility that’s unrivaled – they can be used in almost anything you can imagine 😉They’re safe for use on silicone and latex, so you can have some wet and wild times – alone with your toys or with a partner(s) – without any worries at all!

Cari Blau, a sex and relationship therapist who’s based in New York City, has also raised the possibility that water-based lubes can decrease the risk of condom breakage, which we’re sure everyone wants to avoid. Here’s another bonus point: water-based lubes don’t leave any stains and are super easy to rinse off, so you don’t have to worry about getting too messy!

system jo's warming lube for arousal

There are even water-based lubes that provide sensation - to increase blood flow to the genitals which can improve the likelihood of orgasms and enhance foreplay for arousal!

On the flip side, if you're looking to have a really long bedroom session, be sure to have your handy bottle of lube nearby as you might need to reapply once the moisture evaporates. After all, it's only natural for moisture to be used up when friction happens during intercourse and when things rub up against each other.


2. Oil-based lube

With oil-based lubes, you and your partner can keep going all night long, from dusk till dawn. Oil-based lubes aren’t just long lasting, they’re also good for giving your partner a really satisfying sensual massage – along to our sexy Spotify playlist, no less!

There are, however, a couple of drawbacks when it comes to oil-based lubes. Unlike water-based lubes, they’re prone to staining sheets, so cleaning up can be a chore. Additionally, experts advise against using oil-based lubes with latex condoms, as oil affects the strength of latex, thereby increasing the chances of tearing the condom.

3. Silicone-based lube 

silicone based lube by hedonist

Here’s some good news for those with sensitive skin: silicone-based lubes are hypoallergenic, which means that you can use them for play time without worrying about getting an allergic reaction. They’re also safe to use with condoms and won’t evaporate, staying slick through night without needing to be reapplied often. Because they don’t contain water, silicone-based lubes are perfect for your steamy shower sessions. 

One downside of these lubes is that they can damage the integrity of your silicone toys, so unless you're using glass, metal toys or any other non-silicone toys, it's best to stick to something fuss-free to keep your toys in their best shape!

3. Hybrid lube 

system jo hybrid lube

Hybrid sex lubrication combines the advantages of both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, offering a versatile and effective solution for enhancing sexual experiences. It provide a silky-smooth, long-lasting glide, similar to silicone lubes. This means you can enjoy extended intimate moments without the need for constant reapplication. 

And while we earlier mentioned that silicone lubes are generally not safe to use with silicone toys, the hybrid lube's edge is that it only contains a splash of silicone mixed into its water-based formula, so you can have fun with your silicone sex toys while using this lube too!

They also offer superior comfort compared to water-based lubes, especially for those who may experience dryness or discomfort during sex as the silicone component helps reduce friction and discomfort.

And the best part? Unlike pure silicone lubricants or water-based lubricants, hybrids are water-soluble, making cleanup a breeze. They wash off easily with water and don't leave behind a sticky residue. 

Whether you're engaging in solo play, using toys, or enjoying partnered intimacy, hybrid lubes are versatile and compatible with a wide range of sexual activities. It is also especially useful for anal play (with sex toys), as the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina. 

We need to normalise conversations on lube, ASAP!


If all that information is new to you, it shows that we need to have more conversations on lube, so we can learn more about its benefits and dispel some common misconceptions about it. 

For starters, it’s commonly believed that people only use lube when there’s something “wrong” – whatever that means! This myth can be harmful as it leads us to view sex as a means to an end, instead of a meaningful process of self-discovery and pleasure. It also unnecessarily shames those who do use lube when, in fact, it can work wonders for anyone’s sex life.

Why we should all use lube

As you’ve figured out by now, all of us could benefit from incorporating lube into our sex life. Some major benefits of doing that include: 

1. Greater comfort and pleasure

As lube reduces friction during sex, it lowers the risk of getting any unwanted cuts or abrasions that may become infectious. This also means greater comfort and pleasure, as well as a higher degree of intimacy between you and your partner in the bedroom. 

2. Sensual and arousing foreplay 

Everyone loves stimulating foreplay that builds up the heat towards the main action of the night. Introduce some saucy role-play action and pop open that bottle of lube for a slow and sensual massage to get your partner’s senses on fire, or keep things spicy and interesting by using some exciting sex toys! Whichever way you decide to go, lube will definitely help to provide an erotic experience💋

3. More orgasms!

With its moisturising function, lube helps to keep things nice and wet all night long, allowing you to embark on intense, passionate, and long sessions that just might increase both the number and frequency of your orgasms. We’re not sure about you, but riding wave after wave of climax sounds like our idea of fun 🌊

Looking for lube? 

If this newfound knowledge on the perks of lube has gotten you hot and bothered, check out System JO’s H2O Water Based Lubricant for intense lubrication that can even help you moisturise your skin and make it silky smooth. For something hotter 🔥 try System JO’s H2O Warming Water Based Lubricant, which has all the perks of the original, but with natural peppermint added to warm your insides up for steamier sexy times. The warming effect elevates your arousal, as it increases blood flow and makes you feel all tingly, turning you on so much more during foreplay.

system jo

We know that these conversations aren’t always easy to have with the people around you, so Genvie is committed and more than happy to help you learn more about the pleasures of sex and the importance of sexual health. With all that said, have a splashing good time with your new lube 💧😘