How To Pick A Sex Toy For Your Partner This Valentine's Day

We’re less than a month away from Valentine’s Day. It’s that one big day of the year where we wear our hearts on our sleeves – proudly displaying the love we feel for our partners. Yet, we always seem to run into the same challenge of coming up with fresh ideas to surprise our spouses. There’s only so many times that a new necklace, a bouquet of roses and a candlelit dinner can blow someone’s mind away.

Here’s a suggestion: get them a sex toy!

Yes, you read that right. Gone are the days where we associate sex toys only with people who are single or lonely. They’re no longer taboo – anyone, couples included, can incorporate sex toys into their bedroom life at any time to spice things up!

This season of love, forget the cliched gifts. Switch things up by choosing a sex toy for your partner, one that will bring them over the edge in all the right ways!

It’s not many people’s go-to gift, so we’re here to give you a hand in this guide to picking a sex toy for your partner!


  • Make sure everyone’s on board

Before choosing a toy for your partner, it’s good to broach the topic to gauge if sex toys are something your partner would be open to explore. When should you raise this topic? As the adage goes, timing is everything. If you know your partner feels more sensitive or vulnerable after sex, perhaps table this discussion for a more neutral time, such as after a meal.

You might also want to have this discussion once things are more serious or stable, and not on the first few dates before you’ve had sex. That way, the trust and chemistry you’ve built over time can lead to a more meaningful conversation.

Remember to ease into it, instead of jumping the gun, and be there to provide your partner any reassurance they need. Let them know that sex toys will enhance both your pleasure, and that no one will be replaced in the process.

You know your partner best, so we trust you’ll find the best way to speak to them! 

  • Shop for your toy together

Now that you’ve both agreed on incorporating toys into your sex life, go hunting for one together! We’re sure it’ll be a great couples bonding activity – while you’re looking up all the different toys out there on the market, you’ll also be building up plenty of anticipation leading up to your first time with sex toys.

We say there’s no better way than getting all hot and bothered at the start before releasing all of that sexual tension in the bedroom on V-day with your partner and your new stash of buzzing treats!

  • Do your homework

It’s 2023 – the Internet is your best friend. Do some reading before you get your first sex toy on things like body safe materials, the types of toys available and some of the benefits of sex toys. You might even want to check if the store you’re purchasing from uses discreet packaging if you’re living with family or if you just want to keep things low-key. 

Learning about other couples’ experiences of incorporating sex toys on a regular basis might be helpful to understand the possibilities sex toys can bring to the table (or the bed)! Either way, research is useful before you embark on this journey, so that you’ll be able to find a toy – or many – that’s well suited for you and your partner. 

Speaking of finding sex suitable toys, did you know that there’s actually a huge variety of them out there? Here’s a quick overview of some of the exciting and accessible toys and some games (great for foreplay) at your disposal this Valentine's Day:

1. For the Racy Couple

(The Dolphin)

If you want to add some extra flavour to your bedroom life, try a remote control vibrator. For one, The Dolphin is entirely portable – all you need to do is to add a little lube and use it as a wearable vibrator to stimulate your clitoris and even G-spot! And the best part? You can wear even wear it during penetration sex! Yes, you heard right! Vulva-owners, you can be experiencing stimulation from penetration as well as from the toy, at essentially every possible angle.

Psst, if you decide to get really naughty, you can even wear it outside the bedroom and have some spicy fun. Simply hand the bluetooth remove to your partner and let them push you buttons (literally) and watch as you try to keep a straight face on your dinner date. How sexy is that?

sex bomb

(The Sex Bomb)

Back by popular demand, the Sex Bomb returns this Valentine’s with the ultimate self-care treat – jam packed with the sensual scent of Black Orchid and Lavender, drizzled with Himalayan Salt and a hidden buzzing surprise.

sex bomb

(The Sex Bomb)

Watch your Sex Bomb magically change color as it fizzles out in your bath water and  reveals your secret present - a Raven Bullet Vibrator. Handcrafted in small-batches, this one of a kind bath bomb will definitely be a delight for the senses and a gift that keeps on giving!

Zen collection

(The Zen Collection)
If you’re facing some “analysis paralysis” and you’re not sure what to get, you can always kick things off with our The Zen Collection, a specially curated collection that challenges you to explore you and your partner’s innermost desires.

2. For Something Discreet & Cute 

(The Whale)

We know this sounds a bit funny, but trust us, it’s amazing. The Whale’s a vibrator you can wear as a ring. Talk about accessorising! 

With soft flippers that wrap around your finger comfortably for a hands-free experience, a smooth and round whale head to stimulate the C-Spot, and the whale tail for pinpoint vibrations on your erogenous zones, this is a small but powerful one indeed.

3. For Getting to Know Each Other Deeper

Ice breaker games

(Letz Get Naughty)

For developing some chemistry with that special someone... Whip out this cheeky deck of cards, Letz Get Naughty! Trade up your “never have I ever” confession game with this surefire icebreaker game that’s a lil bit of nice and a whole lot of naughty. Letz Get Naughty will lubricate cheeky conversations on “taboo” topics of sex and pleasure while taking your relationship to a whole new level as you engage in a fun bonding experience!

Once you’ve played with them, we’re sure you’ll be hungry for more to expand your collection. Here’s to a saucy and simply sexy Valentines’ Day to everyone!