3 Unique Positions to Incorporate Sex Toys


While there are hundreds of sex positions well documented in the ancient text Karma Sutra, we are creatures of habits and stick to those few positions that we love and are familiar with. As you embark on your journey of true pleasures, we hope to inspire you with 3 of our favourite sex positions that are enhanced with your sex toy. So buckle up as we explore these exciting positions with our range of specially curated sex toys!

1. Doggy Style with The Bamboo

sex pose with bamboo

The Doggy Style is definitely one of our favourite positions (not sure about you) as it allows us to have some much needed G-spot stimulation. Vamp up this move by introducing your favourite dildo (preferably The Bamboo 😉) and getting your partner to stimulate your clitoris while grinding from behind. We know that this might be a little too much to handle for your partners (it is not the easiest to multitask), so be patient. As they say, practice makes perfect! Now, if you want to dial up the excitement to the highest level and are open to exploring the ‘forbidden land’, have your partner insert The Bamboo into your butt for what they call ‘double penetration’ 😋. But please remember to wash your toy after all these steamy action.

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2. Spooning with The Koi

sex pose with koi

Spooning is one of the most comfortable position and ladies love a cuddle from the back anytime. Not only does this position feel intimate, it also allows our partner to have some ‘active rest’ while continue building up the climax. This is the perfect time for your partner to bring out The Koi and stimulate your clitoris as both of you exchange kisses and sweet nothings. As you both get into the ‘action’, take charge of the toy and pleasure your own clitoris with the powerful suctions of the Koi as he paces his penis in and out of you.

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3. Netflix and chill with The Pebble

sex position with pebble