Getting Into The Mood For Sex


In most relationships, there will definitely be moments when one of the person is not in the mood for sex. For some couples, this can even stretch for months and years, especially for those with new born or are going through life challenges. While it is alright to put off sex during times when both you and your partner are going through challenging hurdles, a healthy sex life is important and sustained periods where sex is lacking is not healthy for both your wellbeing and also the relationship.

For some of you, these ‘dry spells’ might not be a problem but instead you and your partner are getting bored with the ‘same old, same old’.

In this article, we share some methods that you and your partner can use to get into the mood for sex!

Lighting Up Some Scented Candles
You probably already know this one. Candles are frequently used to lift moods and they go a long way in building up the suspense and preparing your partner for what’s to come: Cue the sensual aroma filling the room while it’s dim flicker illuminate both your silhouettes. Experiment various scents and find what suits both of you as different scents bring about different sensual moods. If you are looking for some levelled up excitement, get a scented ‘massage’ candle’ and drip the melted wax naughtily all over your partners body as you finish it off with a nice sensual back rub. Remember. light your candle at least 20 minutes before your steamy session for best results!
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Having A Drink Or Two
Pour your partner and yourself a neat cocktail as you cuddle in the arms of your partner. A little bit of alcohol goes a long way in releasing one’s inhibitions and bringing some heat on(literally!). We are not talking about drinking in huge amounts but just a little to allow your desires to flow. So, don’t indulge too much in the alcohol or else both of you may end up being too tipsy to have fun.😛

Taking A Steamy Shower Together
Joining your partner as they take a shower is a simple yet easy way to get into the mood for sex with your partner. Slip into the shower as your partner turns the shower nob. Start by pampering your partner with some nice back scrub. Slowly progress a little at a time as you start caressing them and tracing the curves of their bodies. Continue the action right there in the shower or gradually spill over into your bedroom for some real action.
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Throwing On Some Sensual Tunes
While you might be sceptical towards this idea, music can actually bring about psychological benefits that helps enhances people’s moods. A couple of scientific studies has shown that music has the potential of releasing dopamine (a ‘feel good’ chemical that is release when we reward ourselves) and even increasing signs of arousal. We’ve created a Spotify playlist of some of our favourite tunes to get you and your partner into the mood. 

We hope that these various methods will send both of your on a pleasure journey and are excited to heard more about your steamy pleasure sessions!

Now, one last thing. While we encourage intimate relationships and sexual wellness, it is important to respect our partners and take cues to stop when your partner is says no. Remember, it’s one thing to have true pleasures, and its another to have sex without consent. The latter is assault.