5 Tips On Discussing Sex Toys With Your Partner

5 Tips On Discussing Sex Toys With Your Partner

Now, while we live in a modern and open society, we know that it might still be a taboo to self pleasure with sex toys here in our little red dot. If you are on this journey to discover more pleasures with sex toys, fret not as here are some tips to help you (and your partner) unfold this sticky conversation and open up new levels of true pleasures!

1. Igniting the spark

Being comfortable talking about sex toys and your true pleasures requires large amounts of trust and love. Sexual intimacy and confidence build up over time when couples invest in spicing up their relationships through romantic activities and intimate dates. Sparking that fire in your relationship can be the small step you take towards opening up the conversation around sex toys.

2. Have conversations about sex with your partner

Sex is a crucial pillar in every successful relationship and it is important for you and your partner to be comfortable discussing about sex and your pleasures. As sexual intimacy and pleasures often requires one to be vulnerable, not being able to converse about the pleasures you want result in many ‘guessing’ what pleasures their partner. So starting an honest conversation with your partner on what you enjoy about sex and also understanding what pleasures they want is often than not the easiest way to open up new experiences.

3. Share with your partner the buzz around sexual wellness

In the recent months, there has been many conversations around sexual wellness here in Singapore. Break the ice with your partner and share with him/her some of the most recent videos and articles where local influencers and wellness experts shed light on their experiences and also discuss the use of sex toys. You may be surprised that your partner might have always wanted to share their thoughts on this spicy topic but have not found a way to start the conversation!

4. Shop together with your partner

While the pleasure is yours to cherish, shopping together with your partner is a wonderful way for you to get comfortable with owning your first sex toy. Different toys target different sensitive areas of your body. Discover the many different toys together and have a cheeky conversation on which toy gives you pleasure that you seek for and press the right buttons for you. :)

5. Talk about the experience 

If you have had an experience with a sex toy or have taken the leap and bought your first one, keep the conversations flowing by sharing your experience with your partner. Sex therapist Jenni Skyler shared that:

“It’s important for you and your partner to come together after sex and chat about the toy, reflect on what went well, and what may need some work or support”

This way you are able to understand one another's feelings and further elevate the sexual relationship between both of you.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article on bringing sex toys into your next steamy session! ;)