4 Awesome Sex Positions for Lesbian Couples

Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, you’ve heard of it all. You might have even read the Kamasutra, which covers an extensive 64 different positions in sex. For lesbian couples, finding what works for you might take a little more than conventional means.

Genvie has done some digging, and we’ve found 4 great sex positions guaranteed to empower you and your partner to meet all your sexual needs and help you achieve that big “O”. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

1. The Reach Around

reach around

This is a popular position with vulva lovers. One partner gets on their knees behind the other while the other partner almost sits on the lap of the other. The partner reaches around and fingers the clitoris of the partner in front. Want to spice things up? Throw in a vibrator into play, the Pebble by Genvie is a great toy to do just that! 

The Pebble is definitely small but mighty. This massager gives you absolute control of clitoral stimulation. Allowing for control of the intensity. You can also use the Pebble on other erogenous zones! Switch this baddie on and place it on the labia, the nipples, the neck and watch the shivers go down your partner’s spine.

All of Genvie’s toys are shipped discreetly in plain mailing bags with no mention of sex toys. The Pebble is made of flexible, body safe silicone, comes powered with 10 different unique variations for your pleasure and is fully waterproof. Meaning you can even take it in the shower with you for some fun. To learn more about the Pebble, click here

2. The Side Doggy/Missionary

side doggy

You may know missionary and doggy as classic positions in sex. But have you heard of it sideways? That’s right, the side doggy and missionary is exactly what you think it is, but flipped.

Make sure you have your favourite strap-on handy! Both of you lie down on your sides, and spoon each other. The big spoon simply cradles their partner from behind and with a strap-on and it’s not only kinky but very intimate as well. It can help you to feel closer to your partner and not to mention, it’s also a great position for some foreplay action as there is easy access to all other parts of the body for arousal too. 

3. The Pole Dancer 

pole dancer

Is anything sexier than a pole dancer getting down and dirty on the pole? Now you and your partner can be pole dancers too! The position incorporates the use of a chair to switch things up.

One partner sits on the chair with their leg up, resting the heel of her foot on the edge of the seat, the other partner stands or squats above the folded leg such that her clitoris is positioned on the thigh of the seated partner. She can then rub their clitoris up and down on the seated partner’s thigh while fingering her. Who said you need a pole to dance?

4. The Cliff Diver 

cliff diver

For the daredevils out there, this one’s for you! Think of doggy position, but more acrobatic. The cliff diver requires some strength and flexibility so be sure you’re able to stay in this position comfortably. If not, work your way up! This position also requires the use of a strap-on. 

Starting in the classic doggy, once in the zone, one partner stands and hoists the kneeling partner’s waist up such that she is able to wrap her legs around the standing partner’s waist. Once the kneeling partner secures herself on her elbows on the floor, let the party begin!

Sex positions can be fun, adventurous and pleasing for all involved. When you’re done, don’t just go to bed and call it a night! If you’ve used toys, make sure to wash and store them properly to prevent bacteria growth and damage to your toy. Helping with cleaning up after can be very intimate as well. Most of all, the post sex cuddles are a major serotonin boost. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment!