Navigating Through Awkward Sexual Conversations

Embarking on conversations about sex can be a journey filled with anticipation, excitement, and, let's face it, a bit of awkwardness. Whether you're trying to express your desires, discuss boundaries, or simply share your fantasies, the path to open communication in the realm of sexuality can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. In this blog post, we'll navigate through the nuances of awkward sexual conversations, offering insights, tips, and a dose of humor to help you steer through the discomfort and emerge with a stronger, more connected relationship.

1. Acknowledge your awkwardness

Sometimes, admitting that you're feeling like a nervous Nelly can do wonders to alleviate the awkwardness. It can help you both relax and create a safe space that encourages vulnerability.

Eg. “Hey, I know this might feel a little awkward, but let's have a safe and open chat about our sex lives.”

2. Be honest with yourself

Schedule some me-time to explore your likes and dislikes. This way, you'll be more confident in expressing your desires and understanding each other's boundaries.

It’s best to demonstrate what you like! Eg. if your partner's touch isn't quite hitting the mark, guide them! Show them the hows and wheres you like to be touched and don't forget to ask them to show you their favourite spots too!

3. Keep the conversation light & positive

It's natural to be anxious about how your partner will perceive you. But guess what? They might be feeling the same way! It helps to keep the talk light, respectful and constructive – it works wonders!

A pro tip is to use ‘I’ statements. Eg. instead of saying, “You should be more dominant,” say, “I would love it if you took the reins more often.”

4. Practice active listening

Active listening means soaking in every word, non-verbal cue, and context during the chat.

 And why does this matter? Because it helps you to respond positively to their needs, making your significant other feel genuinely heard and understood.

5. Avoid blaming

Rather than jumping straight into "fixing" mode and highlighting all the issues, a gentler and more effective approach is to express what you appreciate.

Something like: “I love making out with you, especially the way you kiss my neck. If we could spend a little more time on foreplay, it would help get me more aroused during sex.”

As we wrap up our journey through the landscape of awkward sexual conversations, remember that openness, honesty, and a touch of humor can be your greatest allies. The road to deeper intimacy is often paved with moments of vulnerability.

And if it's still tough for you to start the conversation, one good way to break the ice is with something casual like a conversational card game. Not only does it challenge taboos around sex and sexuality, it also facilitates open and honest conversations about pleasure that are helpful to us.

So, go ahead, start those conversations, navigate through the discomfort, and watch as your connection blossoms into a richer, more fulfilling experience. Here's to breaking down barriers and forging stronger connections in the realm of love and desire!