6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Did you know that nearly 60% of Singapore women have low sexual function, says KKH in new study. Among the six items examined, “low sexual desire” and “rarely reaching orgasm” were more commonly reported. A varied number of health and medical reasons to external stressors brought on by our daily hectic lives could have been the result of it. This then affects the way we feel about ourselves and is negatively translated into the bedroom.

To improve your relationship both physically and mentally for you and your partner, here are some natural ways you can try to boost your libido and also your sexual health!

1. Eat A Nutritious Meal

 Eat A Nutritious Diet

Eating a diet rich in vegetables, low in sugar and high in lean proteins can elevate your mood, help maintain a healthy body weight and boost body confidence! that can translate beyond being intimate in the bedroom!

Looking to indulge? Try some dark chocolate! It's an excellent serotonin (happy hormone) and phenylethylamine source that acts as stimulants to reinvigorate your sex drive.

2. Manage Your Anxiety 

Manage Your Anxiety

We often think of sex as something our bodies are doing, but in reality a lot of sex actually begins in our head. 

Stressors in our daily lives - work / personal life, can trigger anxiety and even fatigue, causing an increased production of stress hormones and lower our level of testosterones - which plays a vital role in revving up sexual desire in both men and women.

Try going for a daily walk or putting your phone away after 8pm to reset yourself mentally. 

3. Get Sweaty

Get Sweaty

Having a more active lifestyle can strengthen muscles that are often used during intercourse and even help you get more flexible to try new sex positions.

Improve your performance in bed when you engage in cardio exercises to raise your heart rate and stamina. For men, having a healthy blood flow helps to prevent erectile dysfunction and for women, it helps to stimulate lubrication as well as increase the intensity of your orgasms!

4. Schedule Intimacy

Schedule Intimacy

Scheduling sex may seem contrived and boring but why do we tend to prioritise doing our nails or going for a massage over sex? 

Building intimacy with a partner or even with yourself takes time. By reframing your mindset and allowing time out of your busy schedule to be fully present, relaxed and attuned with yourself, you will be able to receive pleasure positively. 

So the next time you think of scheduling your next hair appointment, try scheduling some “me-time” to reconnect with your beautiful self.

5. Have More Foreplay

Have More Foreplay

Women tend to take a longer time than men to get fully aroused to orgasm but, with some foreplay it could help to level out the playing field.

Foreplay is all about communication, though often assumed that one would need direct sexual play to be turned on. This is untrue. 

While the physical touch can make you feel great, you’d be surprised that by giving your partner more compliments or showing them how much you appreciate them,  could get you REAL LUCKY in the bedroom.

 6. Spice Things Up

Spice Things Up

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There are plenty of exciting ways to spice up your sex life! If you’re trying something different with a partner, you could try having sex at a different time of the day or maybe role-play one of each other’s sexual fantasies. 

If you’re engaging in solo play, something as simple as switching your dominant hand with the other while using sex toys to give you a whole new experience ;)

On another note, if one of the reason you is losing interest in sex is because you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, please seek out a professional doctor and know that it is perfectly okay to get help and normalise these topics about your sexual wellbeing. 💙