5 Reasons To Masturbate On Your Period

While some people still view the word 'menstruation' or 'masturbate' as a taboo, we are here to say that they are both completely normal and healthy! There is absolutely no shame nor is it 'dirty' in having a period (it's only biological!) and masturbating can be part of a positive self-care and self-love routine!

And now let us tell you why you the benefits of combining these two together! 

1. Helps Soothe Cramps

Orgasms release endorphins that work as a natural painkiller and could help to ease your period pains!

2. Helps Improve Mood

Beat period mood swings with some good ole orgasms!

Feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin are secreted which helps to improve your overall mood.

3. Helps You Sleep Better

Releasing endorphins before bed helps you relax. If you experience period fatigue or poor sleep quality, this could help you get a deeper and more refreshing sleep!

4. Helps Shorten Periods

During an orgasm, vaginal muscles contract and so does the uterus. This movement can help speed up the uterine lining shedding process and potentially shorten a period.

5. Enjoy Stronger Orgasms 

The increased testosterone levels and blood flow can increase one's arousal, sensitivity and pleasure, building up to a more intense, eye-rolling orgasmic experience.

Instead of taking panadol or ibuprofen to seek some relief, why not reach for your sex toy instead during your next cycle? ;)