4 Food Coma Sex Positions

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all of us at Genvie! Too stuffed but still want to get stuffed? For our Christmas gift to you this season, here are 4 best food-coma friendly sex positions for the REAL dessert after the festivities.

1.  The one where no one’s on top

the one noone is on top

If you want to avoid the extra pressure on your stomach from being in a compromised position yet still be able to get off by seeing your partner climax. This technique is similar to scissoring (a sexual position commonly used between two females).

TECHNIQUE: In a sitting position, have your legs cross over one another and move as close as you can to your partner until your genitals touch and start rubbing or grinding up against one another

BONUS: Don't be shy to moan and touch yourself sensually for a visual feast


2. Lazy dog

lazy dog

Trust us, this feels almost like a gentle yoga stretch!

TECHNIQUE: A lazy take on doggy style. One partner uses the other partner as a human cushion as they lay down on top of the other and rocks their body back and forth at the hip

BONUS: Use a pillow under the hip to allow deeper and more pleasurable penetration


3. Spooning


If you’re feeling sluggish, spooning is an amazing option for you to enjoy sex, regardless of your gender or sexuality!

TECHNIQUE: Traditional spooning is where both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction. Be sure to bring knees up to a slight bend while one partner comfortably enters the other from behind

BONUS: Turn up the heat by stimulating the other erogenous zones of your partner's body as you let your hands do the talking while spooning


4. Mutual masturbation

mutual masturbation

Suffice to say, not everyone may be up for penetrative sex while you’re full on roast chicken and dessert. In that case, mutual masturbation is the perfect alternative.

TECHNIQUE: Sit behind or lay next to your partner, whichever that provides the most comfort with accessibility to a hand job or clitoral stimulation

BONUS: Add some sex toys into the mix to bring maximum pleasure to your bonding experience

No access to toys? There’s always your fingers! While we love our toys, fingering is totally underrated, and yet it can sometimes take you to mind blowing orgasms. Whether you’re stimulating the G-spot or the prostate, hitting your orgasm can feel amazing once you’ve worked out how to angle your fingers just right. And yes, minimal movement is required from the other parts of your body, so tease away after your big festive meal!


Now that you’re well equipped with knowledge on how to get sexy on your New Year’s Day food coma, we say go forth and have that meal, because who says you can’t get stuffed while you’re feeling stuffed (get it)? 

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year from all of us at Genvie, and to many more good memories to come!