10 Ways To Get Turned On Real Fast

turned on

Getting to the feeling of horniness AKA arousal, is undeniably, an amazing feeling. That blood pumping, heart throbbing feeling we experience during arousal constantly reminds us how it feels to be alive! Plus, in the process of getting turned on, you may come to discover some interesting things about yourself too! This empowers you to be able to communicate to others about how you like to be pleased and teased. 

Understanding your sexual response to your “triggers” and “stimulants” can prove to be empowering and pleasurable. For those of you who may want to experiment with different ways to build arousal, we’ve got 10 tantalising ways for you to get horny real fast.

1. Figuring out your “brakes” and “accelerators”

Just like the brakes and accelerators in a car, we all come with “brakes” (sexual inhibitors) and “accelerators” sexual excitors. Essentially your brakes are situations and conditions that create the prevention of arousal and the accelerators are conditions that encourage your arousal.

According to Emily Nagoski, an American sex educator and author of “Come As You Are” (we highly recommend this book!) The sensitivity of your brakes and accelerators may affect your buildup of arousal. If your brakes and accelerators are out of balance, this may create some issues with your intimate experiences.


In light of this matter, you may wish to gain more self-awareness when it comes to establishing your sexual inhibitors and excitors, by considering what is affecting your life: physically, mentally and even socially. Some common inhibitors include stress, anxiety, body image issues, self-doubt, being on medications that could affect your mood and hormones or perhaps you’re experiencing a new and major life-change. Whichever stage you’re experiencing, know that you’re deserving of pleasure and if you’re feeling overwhelmed we encourage you to speak to a close friend or family member that you can confide in.

Acknowledging your stressors is a great start to learning more about yourself but in the event that you may not be comfortable with sharing with someone familiar, you may wish to consider seeking help from a trusted medical professional such as a sex therapist or sex coach. 

As for accelerators, some examples that may excite you include, smells, touch, sexual fantasies, sexting and the list goes on. You’ll never know what would really tickle your fancy unless you give it a try. So have fun exploring! 

2. Arousing ambience

You may have heard the common saying, “Eyes are the window to your soul”, with that in mind, give your eyes a treat! Set the stage with some arousing visuals. Create the mood for love with some sensual aesthetics  like having some rose petals on the bed or lighting some scented candles. 

By the way, did you know that scents play a crucial role in arousal? That’s because the nose has erectile tissues and certain scents have aphrodisiac properties like vanilla, jasmine, rose and more to get your gears grinding.

Sex bomb bath bombIf you’re looking to shower yourself with all that self-love you so rightfully deserve, the Sex Bomb will be a treat for your sense! This 430g XL bath bomb, houses a discreet but powerful buzzing surprise, a Raven Bullet Vibrator from Hedonist (our sister brand) to tantalise you. It is also infused with Black Orchid and Lavender essential oils of 100% therapeutic grade to gives off a scent that is luscious, alluring and calming at the same time. Soak worry-free as the bath bomb moisturizes your skin, releases your body tension, and frees your mind. Speaking of baths, this brings us to our next point...

3. Lather up

lather up

Taking a shower can prove to be very arousing as you take your time in the shower by massaging your erogenous zones. Feeling the sensation of cool water rolling down your back, massaging shampoo into your scalp, gently rubbing scented soap suds onto your body, then making your way down to your inbetweens as you start to stimulate yourself. Each action on its own can prove to be highly arousing if you stay present to it. 

The best part of this activity is that you can do it all in the privacy of your own bathroom! If you feel like kicking it up a notch, why not bring a sex toy in the shower with you into for an added good time! Switch out that showerhead for  “The Koi” , a waterproof clitoral massager packed with a revolutionary air-wave massager that soothes and relaxes you the minute it touches your sensitive bits. 

4. Put on some sexy Lingerie


Lounging around the house in soft, comfortable, silky lingerie is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world and we couldn’t agree more! Putting on something sexy for yourself is extremely empowering as you catch yourself in the mirror while freshening up or pampering yourself to the sensation of soft, cool fabric draped across your skin as you move around the house.

If you’d like to slip into something comfortable as you go about your day at home, you can consider putting on silk teddies, silk loungewear or even a lush nightgown when night falls. For those of you who may live or sleep over at your partner’s house, it never hurts to look like a tease to inspire some bedroom action. 

5. Cook up a sexy story 

Everyone’s got something that makes them tick, you could imagine yourself in a sexy scenario with someone you fancy, perhaps having a naughty fantasy about one of the men from Magic Mike giving you a hot lap dance, now that’s a story. The best thing about using your imagination is that you can do anytime and anywhere you want! Whipping up a juicy story in your head can also build up arousal and can eventually translate into a steamy experience in or outside the bedroom with a partner too. 

6. Erotica 


If you have some trouble creating your own fantasies, allow us to introduce to you the sexier side of the internet and media, erotica. 

If you’ve never heard of erotica, it’s an umbrella term for erotic literature and art. On our sister brand’s (Hedonist) blog, there are erotic stories for you to get started! Just like the four part story of “Cat Got Your Tongue”. Erotica can be very helpful in stimulating the mind through the imagination of sexual scenarios and situations.

7. Sexting 


For our readers who have a partner, give your thumbs a go at sexting (sex texting)! Sexting may create a sense of anticipation of what’s to come as you’re out running errands or even while you’re getting your pedicure done.

Be creative, use sexual innuendos, get suggestive with emojis or better yet, you could include a cheeky picture of yourself in a text message to really knock them off their seat! (Well, let's hope your partner wasn’t have a serious meeting while you are doing that).

8. Turn up the tunes 


Having a curated sexy playlist on our Spotify app is a no brainer. Having one available in your shortcut and revving to go whenever can help to elevate the mood. You may also wish to take it another step further by creating your own dedicated sex playlist using all the songs you love to help put you in the right groove to feeling good. If not, there is a plethora of playlists available on Spotify to help you out. Just simply type in “Bedroom Jams”or “Sexy music” into the spotify search bar and viola! Let the music get you started!

9. Tantric Yoga 


For our Yogis out there, this tip is for you. You may have heard of different practices of Yoga, but have you heard of Tantric Yoga? Tantric Yoga helps you to connect with your energy to understand your body better. Some of that energy may turn out to be sexual and can turn you on! 

If you’re new to Tantric Yoga, start by trying some light stretching and simple poses to help open you up physically and mentally. As you work your way up to the more intermediate and advanced poses, it can also help to further relax tight muscles (ie. hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back, etc. which when tighten can cause discomfort in certain sexual positions). 

Tantric Yoga also comes with great health benefits, such as, reduced stress and anxiety, creating a feeling of self-love and improved quality of sleep. You also get a good workout in, which can increase your libido!

10. Aphrodisiacs 


Aphrodisiacs are foods that trigger sexual arousal, desire and may increase sexual performance and sexual pleasure. You read that right, there are foods that we consume that may cause sexual arousal! Consuming these aphrodisiacs may be beneficial to turning you on. Some common aphrodisiacs include (but are not limited to), oysters, pomegranates, chocolates, pistachios and the list goes on (Basically, foods with any one of these textures: creamy, smooth, spicy or rich).

There are many other creative ways you can use to turn yourself on and this list is not exhaustive. Try and see what sets the mood for you and most importantly, have fun doing it!