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WORKSHOP | Demystifying Female Orgasms (Vulva Owners)

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An intimate workshop that empowers you to claim your right to pleasure by Joey Wong, in-house pleasure expert and sex educator of Genvie & Hedonist.

✔ Learn about the different types of female orgasms and how to achieve them

✔ Demystifying some of the common misconceptions about self-pleasure

✔ Empower yourself with sex-positive educational tips you wish you knew earlier about sex and pleasure 

✔ Learn how to incorporate pleasure tools into the bedroom for solo and couple play without shame

✔ Enhance your sexual pleasure with sex toys

✔ Live Q&A with Joey to answer all your curious questions

Date: 6 Aug, 3 Sep, or 1 Oct (choose a date via list above)
Minimum 6pax to start, if not it will be postponed to the next month. 
Workshop takes place every 1st Tuesday of the month. 

Time: 7.30pm - 9.15pm

Location: Genvie Intimate Space
100 Peck Seah St, #10-17, Singapore 079333

Price: $55, ticket price includes:

  • Entry to intimate workshop
  • 1 x Drink provided
  • Sensual Pleasure Kit (worth ~$42)
  • 15% off on-site shopping 

Disclaimer: Participants must be above the age of 21. Please come with an open heart & open mind. You are more than welcome to ask us any questions however do note that we will not tolerate any rude behaviour during this event. Organisers reserve the right to withdraw any participant who, A) misconducts and is disrespectful, B) are considered disruptive on the day of event or leading up to it. Kindness & respect goes a long way so let's spread positivity without judgment in our safe space.

Customer Reviews

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I came into the workshop not knowing what to expect and came out feeling 1) like I had a great time! and 2) like i had truly learned something valuable about not only sexuality but about myself. so i just wanted to say that joey and everyone did a fantastic job combining a fun activity with something genuinely useful and empowering :) the casual and friendly atmosphere of the workshop really helped to make something new to me - and potentially intimidating - much more accessible :)


The workshop was very inspiring and empowering! It started off with an introduction to basis of female orgasm that focused on the informational aspect, and guided us to the misconceptions and what could be improved for women to enjoy sex as it is. It was conducted in a very safe and engaging atmosphere with no judgements or whatsoever. I would recommend all females to attend such session at least once, for the opportunity to figure out what works for you. After all, its all about enjoying and having fun :D (Also, thank you Joey for kindly answering to our questions about your business, it really helped us deepen our understanding about the field)


Its such a safe space for participants to share candidly even though its still a taboo topic in this nation, unfortunately. But I believe you are going in the right direction. It will take time and even the right collabs to bring the topic out of the surface. I (Karen) from KarenLee.Fitness would love to collaborate! Will be in touch soon.


Loved the open discussion and all the fellow female energy and love shared throughout the session. I felt safe and judgement free.


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